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  /  History

1980s: The Birth of the Yuko System

The roots of Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening can be traced back to the late 1980s when Yuko Yamashita, a Japanese hairstylist, envisioned a revolutionary solution for individuals with curly and unruly hair. In 1996, she introduced the groundbreaking Yuko System, a method that would transform the hair straightening landscape.

1990s: The Global Spread Begins

During the 1990s, the Yuko System gained widespread recognition in Japan and soon caught the attention of the international hairstyling community. The technique’s ability to deliver long-lasting, sleek results made it a sought-after solution for individuals looking to free themselves from the daily hassle of styling.

Early 2000s: Global Acceptance and Adoption

As the new millennium dawned, Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening firmly established itself on the global stage. Salons around the world began adopting the technique, and it became a staple for individuals seeking a more permanent solution to achieve smooth, straight hair.

Technological Advancements: Mid-2000s to Present

The mid-2000s saw continuous advancements in the Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening technique. Formulations of straightening solutions were refined, and the process became more versatile, catering to various hair types and textures. These innovations aimed not only to straighten hair but also to maintain its health and vitality.

Present Day: A Staple in Salons Worldwide

Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening remains a popular choice in salons worldwide, offering individuals a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution for achieving sleek, straight locks. The technique has become synonymous with versatility, allowing clients to choose between perfectly straight hair or a softer, wavy look.